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Prosciutto seasoned for over 24 months in the “Antica Stagionatura Casa Graziano” an old family cellar semi-underground and located at 700 meters above sea level at the base of Fuso Mountain in the small village of Lagrimone (Tizzano Val Parma Municipality)  along the ancient “Salt path” today “Via di Linari”.
After a very accurate selection, only ours best pieces become “30 e lode” hams (with honors): a limited production giving its quality to the seasoning in an old family cellar where, since 1954 between old stonewalls and wooden “scalere”, a long story of quality is preserved thanks to craftsmanship tradition, nature and the slow passing of time. It is in the heart of Tosco-Emiliano Appennine (Unesco’s Biosphere Reserve), in the gates of the 100 Lakes Natural Park at an altitude of 700 mt, that ours hams mature for a long time in order to slowly breathe that air of mountain and that old-time value allowing to become a Top Quality Product.
We have Gone Further the “usual” time of seasoning to give you The Best flower and quality: one more reason to love our Parma Ham and to let you win by its taste. 


Parma Ham

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FREE FROM Gluten free Lactose free

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fresh (temp. 0 - 4 degree)

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 Seasoning: more than 24 months. Medium weight: kg. 8,5+ Packaging: 2 per carton

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There’s no prosciutto like Casa Graziano: Unique like our hands, Fragrant like the air of the hill, Inebriating like our passion and Sweet like a Kiss. Who is Casa Graziano? To tell about our Artisanal Ham we need to start with people: Casa is our family name and Graziano is the founder’s name. We are a family-run business focused on high quality prosciutto, 100% Italian, hand-made salting and natural seasoning. Our plant is in the uplands of Val Parma Valley inside Unesco Biosphere Reserve of Tosco-Emiliano Apennine. We are authorized to export Japan,Hong Kong, Australia,US & Canada. Meet Us