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Onion compote produced with cane sugar and balsamic condiment, recommended for fresh cheeses

Certification/Specific production processes

FREE FROM Gluten free Lactose free

Label name

Onion compote

Type (Storage Temperature)

stable (room temp)

Packaging / Sales format

110gr jar 220gr jar 330gr jar 500gr jar



Happy Mama is a young Emilian company that combines the Italian tradition of mustards, compotes, sauces, jams with the market demand with always new combinations of taste and aroma. Located in Emilia Romagna, Happy Mama takes original recipes handed down for generations.
For all products Happy Mama uses only local fruit and vegetables for its production, no artificial flavors or dyes are used. Happy Mama products can be enjoyed with any type of cheese (fresh, seasoned, blue) with grilled and boiled meats, with fruit and ice cream.