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White Milk Spreadable Cream
'I see you, o pleasant places, in which happy, in which peaceful Yes peaceful the days I passed of the first Youth! Dear places, I found there how you can find a childish, sweet and playful but at the same time tasty taste with White Milk Cream.

Certification/Specific production processes

Gluten free VEG

Label name

Hazelnut Spreadable Cream

Type (Storage Temperature)

stable (room temp)

Packaging / Sales format

Glass 36g Glass 200g Glass 750g PVC bucket 2.5kg PVC bucket 5kg



FORTUNÆ products are born in Piedmont (Italy), sons of a larger group: Cono Artic, a reference company in Italy for ice cream cones. Hence one of the flagship products of the brand, the mini cones filled with chocolate, which manage to combine tradition with innovation. FORTUNÆ products are making their way into the Italian market thanks to the skilful use of high quality raw materials and the innovation they bring.
To the mini filled cones - declined in many recipes - are added the spreadable creams with Hazelnut, Pistachio, Ruhm and many other recipes.