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Fontina PDO stands out among the mountain cheeses for its soft and elastic and melts-in-the-mouth consistency and for it being intensely fragrant, with a few very small holes. It presents a greasy, compact, brownish crust and a flattened cylindrical shape with flat faces which tend to become concave while weighing 8 to 9 kg on average. Energy value of this cheese is very high, ensuring a good supply of minerals, vitamins A and B and live lactic bacteria, and is a rather complete and digestible food. The boldness of its flavour makes it a perfect ingredient for a thousand recipes, letting you to exploit your imagination to find any outlet for the creation and combination. It is produced above 1500 meters.

Denomination of Origin


Label name

PDO Fontina produced in the mountain pastures

Type (Storage Temperature)

fresh (temp. 0 - 4 degree)



The Milk and Fontina Cooperative Producers was founded in 1957 with the aim to collect, mature and market Aosta Valley's most important agricultural product: the FONTINA DOP/PDO cheese.
The founders members were at the very beginning 46 while today the number reaches the amount of 200 among private firms, cooperative dairies and mountain pastures. In 1958, during the first year or activity the number of cheeses delivered by the members where less than 40.000, while today the amount reaches 350.000 cheeses.