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The bianchetto truffle is a very common type of truffle throughout Italy. Not to be confused with the much more prized white truffle to which it resembles in external appearance. This bianchetto truffle has always been used in traditional cuisine thanks to its diffusion for the preparation of sauces, condiments or to enrich first courses or soups. Ripens from January to April.



Label name

Fresh bianchetto truffle

Type (Storage Temperature)

fresh (temp. 0 - 4 degree)



Emiliano Virgini, expert truffles connoisseur, leads his company - young and ambitious - in its expansion. Virgini Tartufi in fact already exports to various Countries, from the USA to the totally of Europe, to the Middle East and Asia. Our Company is appreciated not only for the fresh and frozen truffles that it deals, but also for its truffle products. Care to the customer, passionate about the product, we try to convey the love for truffles to anyone who comes into contact with us.