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Take&Bake concept was born with the aim of becoming able to deliver a real Made in Italy pizza even in farthest Countries, giving clients the possibility to offer an authentic Italian every day fresh pizza to their customers. Take&Bake is rooted in the Italian Pizzeria tradition, with the purpose of keeping intact its main features: 32cm diameter pizza, traditional Italian hand stretching of natural leavened dough, stone baking, attention to ingredients using only 100% Italian tomato and flours from 100% Italian grains, the goal to enhance the authentic Italian aromatic profile. The range is GMO free.
The range is easy to manage: shipped frozen from Italy with 12 months shelf life, thawed in store and relabeled with an ultra fresh 5 days shelf life in chilled. The perfect way to complete range with a real Italian Pizzeria product, that can bring your customers to Italy within a bite.


Traditional Pizza

Certification/Specific production processes


Label name

4 Cheese

Type (Storage Temperature)

frozen (temp. - 18 - 3)

Packaging / Sales format

580 gr - 20.45 oz


Main categories

VALPIZZA is an Italian leader in the production of Made in Italy frozen and fresh pizza bases, topped pizzas and snacks. We’re active in foodservice, retail and industry (B2B) both with our brand and with Private Label concepts, with a special focus on export, which represents almost 80% of our business. VALPIZZA is specialized in the development of tailor-made pizzas, in case you wish to create or enhance your own PRIVATE LABEL line we can be the perfect partner for you thanks to our perfectly organized R&D Department, as well as to our important production potential and long-term expertise.