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Eat well, eat healthy, a correct principle to which we have added a word
key; safe. This product is an absolute novelty on the market which guarantees the
healthiness and hygiene of your fresh products, a highly versatile product that sanitizes
instantly everything, from hands to everyday objects to fresh food.
Its intriguing and characteristic aroma can enrich the taste of your salads and of all
garden products, roasts and why not coffee for an appetizing and free from
any intruder. Its particular composition, based on alcohol, of aromatic herb extracts
and the unmistakable aroma of chinotto make it a companion today more than ever
indispensable in the kitchen and wherever you want to feel safe and sanitized.
Unique, practical (its package with vaporizer is contained but corresponds to 500
ml of sanitizing gel) and surprising, this sanitizer is more than a useful product, it is a safe friend

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Type (Storage Temperature)

stable (room temp)

Packaging / Sales format

boccetta con vaporizzatore in plastica 10 cl

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ChinottISSIMO was born from the original recipe for the first chinotto made and marketed in Italy with enormous success by Pietro Neri until the late 1960s. Although the company, plant, and trademark were later sold, the products’ original recipe still remains a jealously-guarded family secret.
In line with the idea and the action undertaken by Pietro so many years earlier, his grandson Simone Neri decided to resume the tradition and dedicate himself to creating a revamped product.
Today, ChinottISSIMO is made exactly as it once was – a real brew of chinotto, but with innovative elements add