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QUALITY, TASTE AND WELLNESS ALL THIS IS REPERSE. A new variety of rice, born after decades of research, designed to satisfy the most demanding chefs and palates. From the plant to the grain, Reperso proves to be unique and inimitable. A larger, tastier and healthier grain, with the best known and most valuable qualities of rice takes only the best and enhances it. Reperso represents the Made in Italy that still knows how to create real excellences appreciated and recognized worldwide. We are proud to present a rice that will make a real difference in your kitchens and on your tables.

Certification/Specific production processes

Gluten free Lactose free ORGANIC

Label name

Reperso rice

Type (Storage Temperature)

stable (room temp)

Packaging / Sales format

Pack of 500 gr and 1 kg vacuum

Technical sheet (italian)


Technical sheet (english)




Agricola Lodigiana is a company located in Ronsecco, near Vercelli. Lodigiana belongs to a farmer family that since 1998 works and provides 100% italian Rice in the world. Our brand stands for quality and reliability. We operate with the latest technology, while maintaining the old and rigid criteria of processing, in respect of the surrounding environment. Our products are prepared with the utmost authenticity, with only the use of natural ingredients. Each production process is scrupulously analyzed, from the processing to the packaging.