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Pici are similar to spaghetti. The pasta is made, as tradition has it, only of water, flour, salt and a drop of extra virgin olive oil and reflects the poor extraction of Tuscan cuisine.

Label name

Pici Spaghetti Toscano

Type (Storage Temperature)

fresh (temp. 0 - 4 degree)

Packaging / Sales format

100% recyclable PET monomaterial, 500gr



Our family run business based in Tuscany is producing since 1971 superior fresh pasta with selected ingredients, 100% Made in Italy. We use PDO, PDI and Km0 raw materials.
We have a line dedicated to healthy food, with the Ancient Grains line of Verna wheat, highly digestible and low in gluten, and the new Protein Pasta.
We adopted Blockchain technology to guarantee complete transparency to the consumer, tracing the entire supply chain.
Sustainability is a crucial theme, that's the reason we adopted environmental friendly PET packaging, 100% recyclable, again and again.