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Seasoning obtained by infusing fresh chili peppers in italian extravirgin olive oil

Label name

Condiment based on extra virgin olive oil flavored with chilli pepper

Type (Storage Temperature)

stable (room temp)

Packaging / Sales format

250 ml



Olio Boeri is first of all a Family story. We have been managing olive oil presses for 5 generations, from Paie Pepin to Giuseppe, Patrizia, Alessandro and Federica, Through Giuan and Nin Boeri. For over 120 years, through the smells of our products, we have been telling about the magic and the unique nature of Liguria, of the Argentina Valley, of Taggia and of the Taggiasca Olives. We produce our extra-virgin olive oils with the same passion and attention as we always have done. We select the raw materials with care and process them with great respect, always within 24 hours after picking.