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The Golden Ale is a light beer, with a moderate alcohol content but with a great aroma, freshness and flavor. Produced with the high fermentation method, it is inspired by a decidedly fascinating English style that combines drinkability and taste like few others in the world.

Label name

Golden Ale

Type (Storage Temperature)

stable (room temp)

Packaging / Sales format

Bottiglia 33 cl / Bottiglia 75 cl / Fusti 24 L


Birra Perugia, an historic brand founded in 1875, is today an award-winning independent and artisan reality. The idea of ​​the current members was simple, ambitious and a little crazy: to re-establish the brewery after almost 90 years and make it one of the best craft companies in the country. After long studies and research, the Birra Perugia is once again a reality. The style of the beers produced does not follow the fashions of the market but the idea of ​​originality, flavor, balance, drinkability and finesse of its creators.