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Product specifically formulated for celiacs.

Mixture with corn starch, buckwheat flour, rice flour, psillium fiber, salt and sugar; Ideal for preparing baked goods such as bread and pizza. It is a product that is very versatile and workable characterized by a large hydration capacity. Zero Gluten is a product with the exceptional and unique characteristics for the preparation of products intended for allergic or intolerant gluten-related subjects who do not want to renounce the fragrance and goodness of traditional bakery products.

Certification/Specific production processes

FREE FROM Gluten free HALAL KOSHER Lactose free VEG

Label name

Flour PETRA 0001 GLUTEN FREE, for preparation for bread and pizza gluten free

Type (Storage Temperature)

stable (room temp)

Packaging / Sales format

3 kg - 1 kg



Petra’s Flours are the state-of-the-art expression of a family of millers who have gradually combined, like no one else, the quality of craftsmanship with avantgarde technology to transfer the pure energy of wheat grains to the table. Petra Molino Quaglia's are the state-of-the-art wheat flours the contemporary artisans use to make classic and gourmet bakery, pastry and pizza products. Inside Petra’s Mill there’s a unique school of flour where classes on how to make pizza, pastry, bread and pasta are held all through the year.