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ABV: 4,5% IBU: 18 EBC: 4
Extremely clear and crisp beer whose recipe dates back to American preprohibition
period, it is produced using a small percentage of corn, to increase
its fresherness, and performing a low temperature fermentation to emphasize
its very delicate body. Its bitterness is extremely low and the aroma of hops is
barely perceptible.

Label name


Type (Storage Temperature)

stable (room temp)

Packaging / Sales format

33cl Glass Bottle 30l KeyKeg



Spearheaded by the now more than decade-long experience of brewer Alessio - AKA "Allo" - Gatti, the brewery CANEDIGUERRA was established in early 2015 in the center of the Piedmontese provincial capital, in an old, largely abandoned industrial estate. With an essentialist image that reflects the underlying philosophy of its beers, CANEDIGUERRA features a range of traditional brews that respect the stylistic canons of reference, all unfiltered and strictly unpasteurized, produced using the most advanced technologies and quality control processes available in the sector.