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It is the good things that make us better and these cimbelline are the truest expression of the original Italian taste. One bite is enough to enter the world of flavors that make sense. Entirely handcrafted with selected Italian ingredients such as raw sugar and stone-ground wholemeal flour, enriched with the main ingredient that makes them unique: the chinotto infusion, these donuts remind us of what a good product is made of. A bite is enough to be seduced by the pure, intriguing pleasure of a new sensation. A taste so good if it wasn't there before is now a necessity. Excellent accompanied with a sip of Amaro Neri.


Dry Biscuits

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stable (room temp)

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busta da 250 gr

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ChinottISSIMO was born from the original recipe for the first chinotto made and marketed in Italy with enormous success by Pietro Neri until the late 1960s. Although the company, plant, and trademark were later sold, the products’ original recipe still remains a jealously-guarded family secret.
In line with the idea and the action undertaken by Pietro so many years earlier, his grandson Simone Neri decided to resume the tradition and dedicate himself to creating a revamped product.
Today, ChinottISSIMO is made exactly as it once was – a real brew of chinotto, but with innovative elements add