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buononaturale offers four varieties of 100% Italian, all-natural, and organic rice, each of which is available in 3 sizes: 500g, 1kg, and 5kg. Our range includes: Arborio and Carnaroli rice (two historical Italian rice varieties especially ideal for risotto making); Black Nerone and red wild rice (two Italian rices with a more exotic history).


White Rice

Certification/Specific production processes

FREE FROM Gluten free Lactose free ORGANIC VEG

Label name

Carnaroli rice – 500g/1kg/5kg

Type (Storage Temperature)

stable (room temp)



buononaturale is a brand of Nouvelle Terre aiming to bring to the tables of families worldwide the products of our land, Italy. To the need for a safe and sustainable lifestyle, buononaturale responds by piecing together stories from Italy’s healthy agricultural tradition. We start from the Province of Irpinia or, more generally, in the vast lands flanking the Italian Apennines, where buononaturale was born. In collaboration with small-sized farming businesses and the human stories that back them, we work on making sure that consumers have access to our genuine and safe products.