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Flours ideal for the preparation of pizzas with direct dough with long rising time over 18 hours. The “Anima di Grano” flours, SLOW, are obtained from a selection of Italian and foreign grains, carefully blended to ensure the consistency of the final product. The good content of gluten makes these flours very versatile, ideal for the preparation of Italian pizza, pan pizza and focaccia. Ideal also for streghtening other flours.

Label name

Flours for Pizza "Anima di Grano": SLOW

Type (Storage Temperature)

stable (room temp)

Packaging / Sales format

Available in package of 25kg.


We are millers in Borzano of Albinea (RE) and Vicofertile (PR) and with experience, passion and technology, we create high quality flours for business, industry and retail. In fact, our range includes more than 50 types of flours and we have already developed more than 300 different mixtures for our customers.
We offer superior stability and security: the experience and passion of our millers, the technology of modern mills and the accuracy of our laboratories that make checks on 100% of the flours are strong guarantees.