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Taking inspiration from coffee lovers world-wide and the ITALIAN strong coffee culture, in a market that is in strong growth. We have developed inspirational desserts with a twist based on the main ingredient: COFFEE. Barista Caramel Macchiato designed for the caramel lovers which offers a distinctive taste thanks to the layers of caramel sauce merged with coffee and caramel creams. On top a mouth-watering cream mousse decoration. The cup is in reusable glass which besides being more sustainable than plastic, is elegant, reusable and loved by our consumers.


Milk pudding



In the world of fresh desserts, quality, tradition and innovation are known by one name; Emmi Dessert Italia.
Born from the union of three historic Italian companies, Leaders in the sector, A-27, I.F.F. and Rachelli, Emmi Dessert Italia knows consumers’ tastes and market trends. The group pools its know-how to offer consumers from all over the world desserts that are the ideal blend of taste and tradition, creativity, research and sustainability. Emmi Dessert Italia presents a wide range of traditional Italian and international desserts, offering classic recipes, Organic, Free From, Vegan.