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Almond milk

Artificial sweeteners

Baby Biscuits

Baby Milk


Beer Yeast no.

Beverage Mix with Low Alcohol Content

Beverages base fruit carton packs

Beverages base fruit pet

Beverages tea base can

Beverages tea base carton pack + glass

Beverages tea base glass

Beverages tea base pet

Bread and Bread Substitutes Fresh

Cane sugar

Cereals, Low-Calorie Baby Flours

Chocolate-base spreads

Cold Sauces

Cooking Lard and Cured Lard

Dehydrated Fruit

Dried Fruit

Dried Mushrooms

Dried Pulses and Grains Other Pulses

Egg Fresh Pasta

Fifth range (cooked and packaged fruit and vegetables)

Filled Fresh Pasta

Flavoured waters

Foreign honey

Fourth range (packaged fresh fruit and vegetables)

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Juices

Fresh Pasta Semolina Pasta

Fresh Pizza

Fresh Ready Pesto Sauces

Fresh Ready Sauces

Fresh vegetables

Fruit and Vegetables Dried Almonds

Fruit and Vegetables Dried Pistachios

Fruit and Vegetables Dried Seeds

Fruit and Vegetables Dried Walnuts

Fruit in spirits

Fruit preserved in mustard syrup

Gnocchi (dumplings)

Hazelnut-base spreads

Homogenised Baby Foods



Masched and Tomato pulp


Mini pasta formats

Mixes and semi-processed products for bread making and bakery products

Mixes and semi-processed products for drinks

Mixes and semi-processed products for sweets, patissery and ice-cream products

Mixes and semi-processed products with caseinates

Mixes and semi-processed products with meat-based ingredients

Mixes and semi-processed products with vegetable-based ingredients

Natural sweeteners


Other Baby Foods

Paté and Fresh Spreads



Plum and cherry tomatoes in can

Plum and cherry tomatoes in glass jar


Ready First-Course Meals

Ready Pesto Sauces

Ready-to-eat soups

Refined Sugar

Rice Milk


Savoury Snacks

Smoothies and cold-pressed juices

Soya Milk

Sparkling beverages can

Sparkling beverages energy drink

Sparkling Beverages GLASS

Sparkling Beverages PET

Supplements and Meal Replacements


Tomato concentrated

Tomato purée and pulp in glass jar

Vegetable Mayonnaise

Vegetable spreads

Vegetables preserved in oil

Water Glass

Water PET


Ours is a family business wich has been operating in the confectionary sector since 1963.
We produce cal-mag fizz which we sell with the TORTOROGLIO and FRESCA brand names, together with honey, syrup, jam, joice, sauce,herbal tea, fructose, sodium bicarbonate and typical Piedmontese products as Piedmont-style hors d'oeuvres, bagna cauda, bagnet,wine jelly and candied chestnuts.
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